Our Plan

Our Delivery Plans

Our delivery plans set out how we will deliver against the commitments we’ve made as part of our Joint Forward Plan. 

Our Joint Forward Plan sets out our approach to improving health and care over the next five years. This high-level, ambitious document is backed up by a series of delivery plans, which set out in clear terms the outcomes we will deliver for each of our commitments, the timescales, and the way in which we will secure the outcomes our communities need. 

Teams across the Integrated Care Board work together to meet our commitments within each delivery plan. Each plan is aligned to an area of the Joint Forward Plan. 

Focus on the basics 

Four of our delivery plans are aligned to our commitment to focus on the basics. These are on cancer services, planned care, urgent and emergency care, and maternity and neonatal services. This last plan is linked to our babies, children and young people plan. 

Always think ahead 

As part of our commitment to always think ahead, we’ve put in place delivery plans on cardiovascular disease (CVD), population health management, workforce, and identifying and better supporting people with high or complex needs. This includes high intensity users, people with advanced illness, and people who are receiving end of life care. 

Reform services 

We have delivery plans in place on babies, children and young people, mental health, learning disabilities and autism, diagnostics and community diagnostic centres, and primary care. These plans will enable us to reform services as part of our commitment within the Joint Forward Plan. 

Make big moves 

Our North and South partnerships have each committed to a delivery plan. We also have plans in place for estates (buildings) and digital. Finally, we have a plan to deliver against our four strategic priorities – which includes detail on how we will focus on prevention. 

Lead well 

To ensure we lead well as an organisation, we have agreed plans in place on our green plan, procurement, organisational development, and quality improvement. 

Together these delivery plans will give teams the clarity and accountability they need to deliver better outcomes for our communities, as we work all together for healthier futures.