All policies are reviewed as an ongoing process of the Clinical Policies Forum (CPF).  You will note that some of the policies have been assigned to 'Static Status' - this means that the policy will apply indefinitely, unless or until new evidence likely to have a material effect on the policy becomes available. Our paper on  Assignment of Static Status to Clinical Policies gives information on the criteria we use to apply 'Static Status' to a policy.

Reviewed and new policies are added to this website once they are approved by the Joint Clinical Professional Executive Group (JCPEG) and endorsed by the Quality, Performance and Finance (QPF) Committee. QPF is accountable to NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (ICB).

Note 1:  All the NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (ICB) clinical policies are listed alphabetically and some are listed according to specialty group, eg the MSK & Pain selection drops down to reveal carpal tunnel, ganglion, hip replacement, knee replacement, etc.

Note 2:  NHS England Specialised Commissioning Group (NHSESCG) - a link to the NHS England policies web page is available at the bottom of the policies drop down list.  Please note you can access the following policies from the NHSE web page: Cochlear Implants, Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs), etc.


Note to referring clinicians: 

For interventions covered by a Lower Clinical Priority Policy (LCPP) it is necessary to secure approval of funding through the NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (ICB) Exceptional/IFR funding request process prior to referral for treatment.  The referrer will need to demonstrate the patient's clinical levels of severity or demonstrate the patient's exceptionality.  

Funding for the following policies may be sought by completing modified referral proforma rather than the Exceptional and IFR Request Form - instructions for completion are available on the proforma - please ensure referral proforma are completed electronically and submitted in Word format.


For interventions covered by a Surgical or Clinical Threshold Policy if the patient meets the relevant policy threshold criteria the referring clinician should complete the applicable sections of the referral proforma and send direct to the secondary care specialist - instructions are available on referral proforma - please ensure referral proforma are completed electronically and submitted in Word format.

Where the patient does not meet the threshold criteria, treatment is considered a low priority and will only be commissioned by the NHS on an exceptional case basis.  Funding through the Exceptional Cases process must be sought prior to referral to secondary care. The referring clinician should complete the relevant sections of the referral proforma and submit the proforma to the Exceptional Cases Team.  

For interventions covered by other Clinical Policies select the relevant policy to ascertain when prior approval is required - this will usually apply if a patient needs to receive treatment via a non commissioned pathway, requires out of area treatment or does not fit a particular group defined in a policy's criteria.  Where funding is required an Exceptional/IFR funding request form will need to be completed.