Over a million people are registered at 87 practices in the NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough area. This includes two practices in North Hertfordshire (Royston) and one in Northamptonshire (Wansford).

GP Practices are grouped into Primary Care Networks, or PCNs for short. Groups of general practices working together with a range of local providers. PCNs were introduced as part of the NHS’ Long Term Plan which was published in 2019, and came into being in July 2019. Each Primary Care Network is led by a Clinical Director.

Patients can find their local practice on the nhs.uk website.

See a list of practices organised by PCN across the NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough area below.

GP Practices

A1 Network PCN

BMC Paston PCN

Bretton Park and Hampton PCN

CAM Medical PCN

Cambridge City 4 PCN

Cambridge City PCN

Cambridge Northern Villages PCN

Cantab PCN

Central, Thistlemoor and Thorpe PCN

Ely North PCN

Ely South PCN

Fenland PCN

Granta PCN

  • Granta Medical Practices
    • Sawston Medical Centre
    • Barley Surgery
    • Shelford Medical Practice
    • Linton Health Centre
    • Market Hill Surgery

Huntingdon PCN

Meridian PCN

Peterborough and East PCN

Peterborough Partnerships PCN

South Fenland PCN

South Peterborough PCN

St Ives PCN

St Neots PCN

Wisbech PCN