Communications toolkits

These toolkits provide you with content for:

  • social media - your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • text to put on your website
  • articles for patient newsletters

Many campaigns can be found on the Campaign Resource Centre site, which has materials for key national campaigns and a wealth of resources, such as posters, leaflets and booklets. It also includes the most up to date COVID-19 resources.

We also regularly update with our locally led campaigns and toolkits for these are also available while campaigns are running.

You can also keep up to date on ICS campaigns by following the ICS on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn at: 

  • follow CambsPboroICS on Twitter
  • follow @CambsPboroICS on Instagram
  • search for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System on Facebook or look for the username CambsPboroICS
  • follow CambsPboroICS on LinkedIn

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