Digital Strategy

A new approach to using digital technology and innovation to help improve the lives of local people and communities across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough has been agreed by local health and care leaders.

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICS Digital Strategy sets out the vision for the next three years of how it will use digital technology to deliver better, more personalised and easy to access health and care services and support.

Developed alongside our health and care partners, it focuses on how technology will help empower our local people and communities to have more control and management of their health and wellbeing. Whether that is through improved access to services and support online or by being part of a virtual ward which allow patients to receive the care they need at home rather than having to be in hospital.

It will also ensure our staff are provided with the skills, digital tools and technology to enable them to work more effectively and deliver safer care.

One of the biggest projects to be delivered this year as part of the strategy will be the roll out of the first phases of Shared Care Records that lets all health and care staff have access to their patient’s records helping to improve joined-up care. 

Technology will be used to collect and analyse data, feedback and provide insights that can help to break down barriers and tackle health and care inequalities in areas of most need. It looks at how we will support those who are unable to access online or provide support for those who want to learn, for example many GP Practices now employ a Primary Care digital champion who supports patients to access online services and support.


You can read our digital strategy here.