Integrated Neighbourhoods

  • Huntingdon Integrated Neighbourhood & A1 Network Integrated Neighbourhood - launched November 2022.
  • St Neots Integrated Neighbourhood - launched February 2023.

Integrated Neighbourhoods launching soon

  • St Ives Integrated Neighbourhood - date TBC 

Older persons holding a plant pot.

Neighbourhood priorities

Locality wide priority – To cover all neighbourhoods in Huntingdon

Frailty: To develop an exciting and innovative model of multidisciplinary support for prevention and support for those who are at risk of becoming frail and who are frail. Considering how the voluntary sector with health, care and council services can better meet the needs of this growing group of residents.

We have asked the for views and experiences from local people and communities to help us develop this model of care. We will share those results in due course.

Huntingdon & A1 network

Focus on community/health and wellbeing hubs, aiming to:

  • Activate people to care about and take control of their health and address prevention, using meaningful conversation.
  • Support health inequalities.
  • Target most vulnerable residents to offer support and make every contact count.
  • Facilitate community engagement and offering support routes/pathways.

Oxmoor and Sawtry Health & Wellbeing hubs (one for each Integrated Neighbourhood location) bringing communities together to address local health and wellbeing needs at a neighbourhood level. Using learning from warm hubs and existing community models and community groups, to continue to build on what has worked well to create community-led Wellbeing Hub which is not about a physical location but what can it represent, deliver and create with local communities.

St Neots Locality

  • Communication/access to services: to look at directory of services, bringing together existing resources and to see how this can be distributed to residents of St Neots.
  • Mental health: aftercare for self-harm - working with passionate local business and mental health providers to pilot a unique offering of support.
  • Prevention: focus on healthy living, pop-up events/education. Using Primary Care Network data to decide on the focus e.g. screening uptake, cardiovascular disease or hypertension/high blood pressure.