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Get your spring booster

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From today (15 April), those eligible can book appointments for their spring Covid-19 vaccination at sites across the east of England, with appointments available from the week commencing 22 April. Vaccination teams are already visiting eligible people living in care homes from this week.

Those invited to come forward to get protected from the virus include people at increased risk from severe illness, anyone aged 75 or over (by 30 June 2024), people with a weakened immune system or those who live in an older adult care home.

These groups can simply book a vaccine appointment via the NHS website or by calling 119 for free, with parents or carers able to book a Covid-19 vaccination for children under 16 on their behalf. Eligible people aged 16 and over can also use the NHS App to book an appointment.

Reminders will be sent to those eligible via NHS texts, emails, letters or NHS App messages. From today vaccination teams started visiting adult care homes and any eligible, housebound patients. For those that receive all their care at home, a home visit should be arranged via their GP.

Thousands of appointments are available daily across the region and are also offered at pharmacies, GP surgeries, plus walk-in options.

You can find walk-in clinics near you in our area via our walk-in page. Upcoming clinic locations include the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech on 24 April, the Priory Centre in St Neots on 25 April, and the Gladstone C&F Zone in Peterborough on 30 April, 

Jatinder Garcha, Regional Director for Primary Care and Public Health Commissioning for the NHS in the east of England said: “From today we urge those who are at highest risk of getting Covid to come forward and book their vaccine.

“Anyone aged 75 or over is eligible, or if you or your child have a weakened immune system.

“Remember that over time any antibodies you once had after catching the virus, or from a previous vaccination starts to fade. It is therefore very important to top-up that protection.

“It’s so simple to book either using the NHS App, calling 119, or visiting the NHS website, which also lists walk-in sites across the region. Anyone who is eligible should book their appointment as soon as possible.”

Covid-19 is still considered a dangerous, life-threatening virus, especially for the elderly and those with a weakened immune system. By getting vaccinated, patients receive extra protection against new variants and spreading the virus. It also reduces the risk of serious illness, being hospitalised, and possible death.

According to UKHSA data from last year’s spring Covid-19 vaccination programme, those who were vaccinated were around 50% less likely to be admitted to hospital due to the virus for three to four months after being vaccinated, compared to those who received none.

The NHS also urges those eligible to get vaccinated for shingles, recommended for all adults turning 65, those aged 70 to 79, and those aged 50 and over with a severely weakened immune system. GP surgeries will contact anyone who is eligible to make an appointment.

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